753: Realization

So by the time this posts I should hopefully have ducks. I've been wanting ducks for such a long time, well, about five years when my friend, Mere, randomly lent me a book on chicken vs. duck rearing. I was totally sold on ducks as they are more wild and thus better at protecting themselves and pest control. The bumper crop of caterpillars and ticks last spring got my husband on board for Plan Duck. I thought about ordering ducklings on line (local feed stores won’t sell ones that they’ve identified the sex of), but the minimum was 10 ducklings or you got hit with a special fee to keep them warm and raising them seemed an intimidating process with toddler and cats. Anyway, long story short, I found someone on Craig’s List with a Runner duck on clearance who was willing to sell a Jumbo Pekin to keep him company who is already laying eggs. It seemed a sweet deal, so this will be my first foray into farm animal husbandry!