773: Marriage

So at this point in the story, I had to do a lot of fat trimming from real life. There was a lot going on and it wasn't kitty related anymore and ended up just being real meandering, so I had to cut it from the narrative. One of the subtractions was this crazy friend I made off of J-Date. He was divorced, manic depressive, fairly broken and a lot of fun. I hung out with him a lot. I had him over for a dinner party once and his comment afterwards was that "Jon" was the first guy he'd met in his late 20's who looked like he was still a virgin, on second meeting he declared "Jon" to be the coolet of my friends because he didn't flaunt being smart or try to compete with anyone. It was a conversation with him about my male acquintances on a whole where he asked me if I could envision myself dating any of them and I realized that of all the guys I was friends with, it was only "Jon" I could imagine going out with. For this and the next strip, Krazy Kit is taking this friends place. This is exactly how he acted. Drove me nuts!