760: Easy Peasy


Returning to the topic of board books again: I feel that reading them is an activity for both parent and child and that it’s too bad those without tiny humans don’t have an excuse to read them. So below I’ve listed some of the board books I find most enjoyable.


The Pout Pout Fish

Great verse, excellent moral and very catchy. When I was weaning my son, I'd recite it in the middle of the night to get him to stop crying. 


Little Blue Truck

The back of the book sums it up best by calling it a "rollicking good time." 


Listen Listen

Very catchy, love the aural emphasis and the art looks like it came off painted wooden eggs. 


The Babies and Doggies Book

One of my son's first favorites. Simple, adorable Zane even though it's all stock photography, it's chosen very well. 


Tugga Tugga Tugboat

 Takes to a tune beautifully. Art has a graceful transition from realistic river front to a bath tub scene.

Hidden Hippo

Amazing art that actually textile quilted pieces. Fun verse, introduced me to some new animals and a satisfying story.