896: Jew-ish

    Lately I can’t stand reading fiction that deals with poverty. It’s not like I pretend it doesn’t exist. I love visiting third world countries and I lived in China for two years. I know what real privation looks life. Though I admit I am not one to give to charity. I always tell them the truth at the grocery store counter, that I have a friend whose husband was hit by a drunk driver and now lives in constant pain. He lost his job, his life’s earning potential and his business. He’s only 25 and has three kids and a wife to take care of. Whether it’s the fault of the lawyer, the legal system or them not being as aggressive as I would be, it’s a year later and they still haven’t seen a red cent. If I’m going to give my resources away, it’s to them. I’ll admit that most poor people I know are of the educated fallen middle class variety that unfortunately really are there due to poor decisions and an unwillingness to make the hard choices. However I know that this is not the case in a lot of parts of the U.S. and the recent shifts in the government has me thinking a lot about the haves and have nots in the U.S. and how it’s handled in other developed countries. I can't help but come away thinking that the United States has the resources to eradicate poverty. Maybe the rich wouldn’t be as rich, maybe we middle class wouldn’t even be living quite as cushy, but if that is the price of everyone having food, shelter, medical care and a reason not to turn to crime, I’d do it. I feel like the problem with federal taxes (I love what’s done with my state taxes) is they never feel fair and like everyone is doing his or her part. I don’t believe there’s such thing as a perfect system and some simply do not work, like communism, but I’m increasingly convinced socialism is the way to go.