Your Fault

So I’m pregnant with number two, I kind of lost track of the weeks, because I’m bad at math, but I’m somewhere near the end of the first trimester. I won’t stop holding my breath until the 20 week ultrasound when we can confirm that the fetus has a healthy brain and normally functioning organs, but I’m past the stage where you wake up every morning (or I did), wondering if you’re going to miscarry today. So far it’s pretty similar to the last one. All day nausea kept at bay by keeping my tummy full of good food, a month long loss of appreciation of anything sweet, fatigue and a craving for veggies. Differences have been my abdomen is sticking out a whole lot earlier this time and already having a tiny human means being kicked in the squished organs a lot. I have a sudden appreciation for being able to fill my belly with good food as I know the days until my stomach is under my rib cage and my calorie intake is severely limited are numbered!