The Last Rescues: Part 12

So December 1st has come and gone. Like every other year since I started living with my sweetheart, I went and bought wreathes. The first few years I just bought one big one. We have never had a place big enough for a tree and, honestly, I just don’t feel comfortable with this ultra religious symbol. However wreathes fit right in with Jewish culture, the circle of life and all that. We decorate it with his 30+ years of ornaments, the majority of which are Hallmark puppies. Not being Christian, it never occurred to me to use tinsel or lights or such, but there is such a wealth of ornaments that it still looks quite spectacular. When my on was born I got two little wreaths as well as the big one. I didn’t want him to ask 7 years from now why he and Mystery Sibling and Daddy all had wreathes, but not Mommy. Mine is entirely decorated in Judaica: Stars of David, Trees of Life, Chai symbols etc. I have a couple neutral Hallmark ones like ‘my first house’, but it’s pretty screaming Jewish. Walter’s is a combination. He has some My First Christmas ornaments, some Jewish symbolic ones and then, when we can find it, fusion ones like his Hallmark reindeer with a menorah on its antlers, the most gloriously hideous ornament I’ve ever seen. I know there are a lot of dual heritage families that feel caught in between or like they aren’t enough of one or the other, but I want my children to be proud of their ancestry, to be good little Jewish kids, but also to respect and embrace the traditions of their father’s family as well. I feel like our solstice wreaths are the perfect symbol of that duality.