Sharing Culture: Part 4

So now my doctor has decided my son needs more iron in his diet. Normal hemo-whatever levels are 11-13, he's 10.9. Considering he's a vegetarian by choice, it's unsurprising that his iron levels are  low. So now he has to have three bottles of Ovaltine or Oat milk everyday. The weird thing is when the nurse called to give me nutrition advise she prefaced it with "I know you're one of those all organic people."  It amazes me that just because my son likes to drink Keffir and I cook with avocado oil people get this idea that I'm one of those Whole Foods, ultra premium everything people. Even my mom when she was getting prosciutto for me on a grocery outing got the imported stuff. It seemed like a waste to put $20 a lb meat in my pasta sauce! Yes, I like good food. Apparently I like weird food, but knowing my meat was humanely raised and not filled with antibiotics is enough, I don't need Kobe beef or Iberico pork.