Sharing Culture: Part 2

I have a single chassid friend. She's actually my only Jewish friend around here. I invited her and the kids to one of my son's birthday parties, I wasn't sure how someone who had chosen to live in such an isolated community was going to handle it, but she got along with everyone just great. In fact, I've more than once been asked how she's doing, but since her name is Hebrew, and she introduces herself with her Yiddish nickname, people have trouble remembering what she's called. I find it funny that they feel referring to her as "the Jewish one" would be insulting. And yeah, unless it's germane to the conversation, like one about special holiday foods, I wouldn't refer to someone as African-American or Middle Eastern or whatever, but in the case of someone who is Chasidum, Judaism isn't just your culture, it isn't just your religion, it's your entire identity. It's something you work at every day, which admittedly is a lot of my beef with being beyond Orthodox, but nothing makes her prouder than if someone refers to her as "the Jewish one."