Sharing Culture: Part 3

Eating breakfast recently, my husband noticed our General Mills boxes were labeled with "made from genetically modified ingredients." I really respect that. Not that they're using GMO, but that they're being transparent about it. I don't object to genetic modification on principal, it's why they're doing it. For example, genetically modifying rice to be flood resistant or have beta carotene so people don't go blind from malnutrition...that's awesome. Genetically modifying soybeans and rapeseed so you can spray it with Agent Orange or making plants that kill their own seeds...that's, well, evil in my opinion. So I personally look into why a crop may be GMO and then make the call if it's something that I will only buy organic. I think labeling is so important, not so people can boycott companies, but simply so that as consumers we get to make informed decisions about what we are and aren't comfortable eating.