Weather Master

I've been using these headphones for a while. They're wireless bone conductive headphones designed for serious joggers of which I am not. However, I do have a child who used to yank the cord out of my headphones mercilessly. I also want open head phones, because I mainly use them for stroller walks on busy streets and it's important for me to be aware of my surroundings at all times. These happened to fit the bill perfectly. What's really neat is I let my mom wear them last week. She's had hearing loss all her life, she's not deaf, but she does rely a lot of reading lips and hearing aids do nothing for her. She can't play a musical instrument, because she can't hear a wrong note and there are certain pitches that she simply can't hear, like my dad's favorite singer: Leonard Cohen. We had her wear the head phones and put on one of his songs. Her face lit up like the first time someone tries ice cream. She was utterly delighted. For the first time in her 70 years of life, she could hear a gravelly singing voice. This was followed by her commenting on what the rest of us know, Leonard Cohen really can't sing...but his lyrics are masterpieces!