899: Believe It

So my son won't wear shoes. I think it's because he's in between sizes or his big toe sticks up to much. At any rate, I'm not overly bothered by it. He wears socks, which is more than I ever did and I got him extra thick warm Merino wool ones that will insulate even when wet, so going outside isn't miserable. He's run around in his stockinged feet in the mall, the grocery store, restaurants, shops, banks, town hall....pretty much everywhere and the only place I'm getting grief is the libraries. I looked it up, by federal law it's legal to go with naked feet anywhere, but places make local laws about it. In the case my town library's laws say that patrons "should wear shirts and shoes." I'm impressed they didn't mention bottom coverings of any sort and you will note that it says "should" not "must" or "required". Furthermore, I find it totally nonsensical as they let babies crawl barefoot there all the time with never a concern that they need hand shoes or shin guards. So clearly it's not actually a rule to protect my son's feet, especially since, like his mom, he runs barefoot over gravel, asphalt, wooded trails and other rough terrain without any problem. I am debating getting socks that look like shoes, putting masking tape that says "shoes" over his socks or seeing if I can find rubber bottomed socks for him. The whole thing just seems ridiculous.