897: Finally Happy

So my husband got me hooked on this language app, Duolingo. It's free and helps you learn languages, but runs like a game. I beat French this morning, which was very gratifying, since I never felt my grades represented my competency in school. (I learned French roughly from kindergarten through my first year of college). Now I'm learning Swedish and Danish, roughly simultaneously. They're in the same linguistic group, so one really helps with the other. It's exciting to realize I'm good at this game. For so long, languages were considered the talent of my older sister and then when I got tested for learning disabilities in college, I was pretty much told I was incapable of learning other languages. As someone who is now fluent in Chinese and French, competent in Japanese and working on my Danish and Swedish, I'd like to say to all those people in my past "Ha! You were totally wrong! There are more ways to learn a language than route memorization and tedious grammar lessons!" But anyway, it's a really fun app and if you've ever thought about dabbling in another language, I highly recommend it. My mom has been doing Rosetta Stone for years, but she says this is finally closing the gaps in her Spanish.