The Last Rescues Part 3

I thought about writing something very heavy about my reactions to the election, but, hey, this comic is supposed to be entertaining and I'm sure you all know which side of the fence I land on.  So instead I decided to focus on super happy stuff, like how despite being told it couldn't be done, I've raised my toddler to be color blind. I was told that despite my belief that race, like gender (by which I mean personality based on your X or Y chromosomes, not your actual sex), is a ridiculous societal construct, differentiating by race was actually an innate part of being human. Well, last week my son went running up to an African man shouting "Papa George! Papa George!" and, yeah, the man did look a lot like my dad. Same face shape, general nose shape and wrinkles, bald like him and of similar height. The only big difference being my dad has Middle Eastern toffee colored skin and this guy had African milk chocolate colored skin. Clearly, my son does not think skin tone is an important differentiating feature. Ha!