Stomping Grounds: Part 3

I recently got a card from someone I used to care about deeply and be very close to. It said that while she never contacted me (or returned my communications), she thought about me all the time.  I know this was meant to make me feel good, but instead I felt like a ghost. The thought of some phantom Marjorie keeping my friend company all of the time and the living, breathing, Marjorie being neglected saddened me. I wondered after such a long time with no communication if Ghost Marjorie has any resemblance to Real Marjorie or is simply a warped simulacrum of the past, a fabrication of memories and how my friend would want me to act rather than who I am now. I admit, I don't think about people often. I am much more the sort to not think about someone for months and months and when that person pops into my head, I send him or her an email, even if I only have time for one line, because I don't want ghosts in my head. I want to know how the actual people are doing. I am delighted that 95% of the time that person responds to my volley and we get to catch up.