The Last Rescues Part 6

I really like this article. It's up there with this one on how to raise your sons to treat everyone like equals in an increasingly inflexible world. However, the first article made me start thinking about how I use language. Unlike her, I wouldn't say I go out of my way to refer to policemen as police officers or mailmen as mail carriers. To  me, 'man' is like an abbreviation for 'human', it's in the word 'woman', it's in all sorts of words that arguably you could say are because they used to be male dominated fields. However I'm also someone who uses 'guys' as the plural for 'you' and I've annoyed many a quick to correct young mom by calling her darling in pink a "cute little guy". I just don't think of guy as meaning 'male.' I also use 'gyp', even though I'm vaguely aware it's a slur against Romani, sitting 'Indian Style' even though I'm aware it's no longer considered PC (though seriously, I'll use "Sitting Cross Legged" if they'll stop calling it "Criss-Cross Apple Sauce"), I call those tiny candies they put on ice cream "Jimmies" and use the term "Jerry-rigged". I grew up with my parents proudly referring to me as having 'orienntal' eyes. Now admittedly, I make a point of saying "Oh my goodness" instead of the more popular variant after an earnest 8 year old from the midwest asked me if I was aware that it was a sin to use the lord's name in vain, but I find it hard to figure out where one draws the line on PC, micro aggressions, actual bigoted word choice and simply ephemera from a past that is hopefully more bigoted than our future.