Pole: Part 4

It fascinates me how much people want to treat this year's election like politics as usual and shame people for not wanting to associate with those voting for the other side. Most years I agree. Don't get me started on my dislike for George W, but it's not like I'd think badly of someone just because they voted for him. Despite having voted democratic pretty much my whole life, I still staunchly consider myself an independent and would love to see some fiscally conservative, socially liberal Republicans make it to the forefront. However, I don't feel so zen about Donald. I can explain away people I know who live in little bubbles where concepts like "Muslims" or "Mexicans" are abstracts, but people who are in my actual social circles, who have let their children play with our immigrant friends, our African-American friends, my Jewish son and his Asian best friend, them...I just feel that if they could vote for a man who would steal our children's futures, because it would improve their children's futures, this I can't tolerate. I'm not going to be sending hate mail or wishing such people ill, but a vote for a man who treats females like disposable toys and minority ethnicities and religious groups like criminals, well, I can't be friends with such a person.