Pole: Part 1

I’ve been pretty lukewarm about Hilary Clinton, but I must say her comments on abortion at the third debate really made me excited about the prospect of her being president. Yes, I am pro choice, which I do not consider to be at odds with being pro life. I think you can be both, a person who says she would never have an abortion herself, encourage and nurture her friends so that they never had one, but believe that at the end of the day women need to have control over their own bodies. The idea of a surgical abortion of a healthy fetus when the mother’s life isn’t in danger really turns my stomach, I’ll admit. In fact, I personally believe no woman should make love unless she’s considered what she would do if pregnant, that if she doesn’t want to be a mother, she should be using birth control of some sort, monitoring her cycles, so that if she becomes pregnant she could get a medical abortion (essentially a pill that forces your period) as early as possible, when still in the stage where many pregnancies self abort anyway. (Did you know that many OB practices won’t even see a woman till she’s 8 weeks pregnant, because the chances of miscarriage are so high before then?) Which is why I respect Ms. Clinton so much for speaking out about what a third trimester abortion really is. I think this societal assumption that every pregnancy ends with a healthy baby is really destructive to the women out there who are unfortunate enough to have the pregnancy go badly. I’d also add that I know for a fact that by the time you get to third trimester, if the fetus is healthy and the mother’s life is in danger, they can do a Cesarean. My son actually has a friend who was born 8 weeks early and despite her very rocky start on life, she is now perfectly healthy and developmentally normal. So if a woman is seeking a third trimester abortion that means that she’s found out there is something wrong with the fetus and it is not a viable life. As a society we should be comforting these women, not making their circumstances more horrible. Realizing third trimester that your pregnancy is not going to have a positive outcome is the most horrible thing that can happen specifically to a woman.