738: Kittens Kittens Kittens

I bought a leash for my son. The people at the pet store could not stop laughing. I had bought him a genuine baby harness, but for the leash, I wanted to get him something with good range and most of the baby tethers give very little, so I went to Pet Smart and tried out their retractables. I ended up getting the medium dog size, so that when we have an actual canine in the house, s/he'll be able to get use out of it too. Despite all the mirth, it works great. We tried it out at the New England aquarium and it was so relaxing to let him run around without worrying about loosing him. I've since used it at the mall, the grocery store and countless shops. I figure, if we leash our pets who are too foolish to look both ways before crossing the street, why not our toddlers?