748.5 Thud

Recently I was watching this fun TV show called I Zombie. It’s a fun murder mystery show in the vein of Psych, Bones, The Finder etc. with the hook being that the protagonist is a zombie mortician who eats the brains of murder victims to gain their memories. Anyway, in one episode she eats the brain of a pregnant woman (the baby survived) and becomes “motherly”, which the writers interpret as overbearing, overly cautious, lecturing annoying person who cuts the crusts off your sandwich without even asking you if, like me, you think it’s the best part of the bread. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this stereotype and as a young mother, I find it highly offensive. Mothering instincts is a real thing, but it’s nothing like that. It’s more like being hyper vigilant, proactive and this overwhelming instinct to rip someone limb from limb if they look like they are going to hurt the young, and I mean any young, not just your own. Young mothers will practically fly across a room to shield a child from a heavy falling object, instinctively turn when they hear a kid cry and be ever at the ready with food and comfort. The best TV depiction I’ve seen of what it’s like to be a Mom was the anime parasite where the protagonist’s mother has disfiguring scars on one of her arms where she physically shielded her toddler from a falling pan of boiling oil. That’s what mom’s are like.