746: Shoe in Hand

Book005 746 - Shoe in Hand.png

OK, so clearly this non-cat arc is lasting more than three strips. Originally it was going in the cat-less desert, but I missed my kitties. However I had to put it in and I couldn't shorten it, because pretty much everyone who knows us claims that this was the start of the romance between me and my now husband. It wasn't. We were just friends. No matter what my mother will tell you, I swear we were just friends. Though I will say that I consider this to have revealed the core compatibility of our personalities; a panicky situation and we both had the same thought "I should grab the shoes." I often get told by people in these sanctimonious tones that I don't actually know what I'd do in a crisis, I probably would act totally stupidly just them. However they're wrong. I know exactly what I'd do and what my husband would do: something practical like grab the shoes.