735: Comes When Called

I mainly watch anime, but this year there's a bunch of American shows coming out that are really exciting me. The Expanse, for one, my husband's read the books, I haven't, but we both find this far flung future show riveting a combination of action and mystery with an excellent overreaching plot. Recently we also watched the plot for The Shanara Chronicles. Another series my husband has read, but I have not. (I feel high fantasy is much better watched than having to labor through paragraphs about hearty bread and cheese and sitting with your back against a wall in a smokey tavern). It's particularly cool in that MTV is producing it, which means it's brighter, sleeker and edgier than any fantasy TV show I've ever seen. It takes it from seeming like a Lord of the Rings wannabe to the awesome epic post apocalyptic show that Terry Brooks intended. Lastly The Magicians is coming out. I admit I haven't watched the first episode yet, but I've read the books and the fact that the author is helping with production gives me great faith in the show. Truly it is a year of exciting TV.