678: Blithering Idiot

So recently I found out about Hannah Dustin, the first woman in America to have a monument erected in her honor...and who also killed a bunch of Abenaki kids in their sleep. In a lot of ways I think this highlights the problem with history. While not every figure was a post partum mom scalping poor Native American kids for kidnapping her, pretty much everyone has some sort of prejudice, whether it was the 1950's girl scouts down south refusing to let Jews join or the suffragettes only allowing people of European descent to join, different times had different morality. Should we not celebrate the good of the past because of the bad? Should we always have a caveat like Warning, Before You Watch This Movie About How Great This Person is, You Should Know that "this person was pretty great, but he had slaves." or "did a lot for our country, but also put American citizens in concentration camps for being of Japanese descent."?