675: Abstract Art

So...I think pretty much all of you know this comic is autobiographical and I chose to tell it through the lens of cats, because cats, they're awesome, what better hook could I use? Honestly I remember that time in my life mainly by the kitties. However, we're now in May 2010, this month and the next two are fairly devoid of cats. I could skip them, but there a number of other important things that go on during this period and the rest of the story wouldn't make sense if I left them out and even if it did, it'd be a much weaker narrative. Thus we enter the cat-less desert. I promise there will be oases of feline fun and I will keep you all in the loop on our progress through the desert, but the desert we must cross. I'm hoping at this point most of you are invested enough in Mallorie's life to accept this and I promise that when we finish crossing this desert, the paradise on the other end will be worth it! Mallorie is ramping up to switch apartments, to a new place where she can have as many cats as she wants AND Abner starts going outside AND Rab Cat will become a focal point in the story, appearing in the majority of strips as opposed to his current status of story arc transitioner. So thank you for your patience and support and on with the show!

10 strips, including this one, till your Rab Cat oasis and Abner story arc.