673: Not Humphrey

So I opened a Twitter account when I started this comic and it's been a real eye-opener. I often find myself at the fringes of conversations that I didn't know existed and reading rants I didn't think any sane person would actually put out in public. I actually briefly followed someone who was screaming about how men had to "clean up their trash" and answer for all wrong doings that any male had committed, like the world was a binary of male vs. female. I don't believe in gender. I don't believe in race. I believe in species, though generally speaking I'd like to think of us all as just living creatures. I feel strongly that categorizing people is the first step to generalizing about them and even holding innocents accountable for the actions of a few. I don't think every man is responsible for the actions of all men, or a "white" person should carry the burden of all those who oppressed in the pass, or a German should carry the guilt of what many past Germans did. We all deserve to start with a clean slate, to be judged on our personal actions and decisions. Greet others with a smile, try to add more love to the world, not hate and take into consideration that maybe that other person is just misunderstood. There will always be truly horrible people in the world, but let's not try to swell their ranks by painting everyone with the same brush.