671: Conveyor Belt Sushi

So a week ago we went to Topatocon, which was truly awesome. So awesome, I hope to exhibit there myself next year. The best part was meeting so many creators whom I respect and finding out that they were even more delightful in person than I could have imagined. I got to meet Randal Milholland, Jeph Jacques, Jess Fink, Kate Leth, Spike, Kell McDonald, Amanda S. LeFrenais and David Malki! and Sophie Goldstein. I wanted to get picture with The Double Clicks, for a friend who's really into them, but sadly, both Double Clicks never seemed to be at the table at the same time....Getting to tell all these wonderful creators in person how much I respect their work was really rewarding, especially getting to give a few of them copies of my own work that they helped inspire. One of the coolest things we got was a commission from Randy Milholland of our son dressed like a monster destroying a city. He took a photo of him and the likeness was excellent, he got the half-moon eyes right and the teeny-tiny hawk nose. I've seen so many "likenesses" where people just copy the hair and then add a generic face, it was gratifying to see a cartoon version where someone really paid attention to the details. I suppose this is why his characters all have such interesting facial features!