666: Offerings

So, what do I do about writer's block? Well, I rarely have it. Most days I really want to work on the strip. It satisfies my creative urges and fulfills me. Working on it is my reward from dealing with all the mundane stuff that has to be done every day. Sometimes I'm too tired to work on it and that's why I have a buffer, but it's rare that I don't want to work on it. Though it does happen, like in the case of this Passover arc, where it just wasn't flowing well in my head. The solution? I actually jumped ahead and started penciling the next arc. Every night I'd pencil two strips from the new arc and one from the Passover arc till eventually I got through it and even excitedly added a couple extra strips I hadn't thought of till the last moment. For me, it really works and I'm happy to report that I'm back to eagerly anticipating working on the next strip and the one that comes after that.