636: Don't Tell

I am proud to say that my son now sleeps through the night. It's amazing how much advice I was given over the months, warnings really, about how if I continued on this course of action there would be dire consequences. I was told that once I started giving him that pacifier at 3 months, there was no going back, but actually he grew out of it within a month. I was told that letting his sleep on my chest was training him always to want that, but he got bigger and by 6 months I was no longer a comfortable sleeping surface. I was told dancing him to sleep was creating a crutch he'd never grow out of, but by 8 months, he demanded to be put together awake and soothes himself to sleep. It was a constantly evolving pattern that started out with hours of dancing/rocking to a 1 AM bed time that transformed into the current 6:30 PM bedtime where I have to do nothing more than dress t him in his nightclothes and plop him in the crib.  So in the long list of lectures I've been receiving my whole life, I still maintain you should follow your instincts and do what you think is right, not what Everybody Knows is How Things Should Be Done. If letting your baby cry herself to sleep works for you, that's great, but it sure isn't my thing.