660: Fur Fur Fur

So, I'm still very much into podcasts and thought I'd share a few of my favorites:

In Defense of Plants Sound quality isn't great and it isn't very polished, but the material makes up for that. If you're a nature aficionado like me, this is truly engrossing. I've learned all sorts of neat things about plants from that pitcher plants have entire ecosystems in each of their pictures to the fact that chara algae can be used to remove cadmium from polluted bodies of water!

Sawbones A marital tour of misguided medicine. Each episode focuses on a different medical topic and how doctors got it wrong through the ages. It's fascinating and very funny. The hosts are a doctor and her husband who plays the clueless rube.

Reply All  This show will make you feel really smart and tech savvy. Each week they talk about some internet phenomenon. For someone who is really clueless about memes, social media mores and pretty much anything internet outside of my little webcomics wheelhouse, I found it utterly engrossing and it makes me feel smart afterwards!

Welcome to Nightvale Utterly unique. This is what I listen to when I make dinner. It's bizarre, creepy and delightful. Each episode builds on each other, weaving a picture of a town where everything is weird and ominous. Give it a few episodes before forming an opinion.

Decode DC This is my favorite news program, heck, it's the only news I listen to. Even the old news is still fascinating and makes me feel enlightened.

Also in my list of podcasts I'm hooked on is 99% Invisible, Bunker Buddies, Motherboard, Lore, The Moth and Spark London.

Last, but not least, my husband pointed out that I should put in a plug for Overcast. It is hands down the best podcast app. It automatically takes pauses and dead air out of podcasts, making less professional ones sound smoother, you can listen to podcasts at 2X and 3X speed without them sounding wrong and it lets you try episodes of podcasts without having to subscribe to them. It really rocks.