657: The Hard Way

I don't think I'll ever understand why dresses have fallen out of fashion. I get it if you're in your 50's or older now and remember the days when you really didn't have the option to wear anything else how this would sour you this type of clothes, but born in '81, when I could choose to wear anything, I've always loved flowey skirts and dresses. I love how when you swim in them, the skirts bell out around you and swirl and twist in interesting ways as you play around in the water. It's fun when you run really fast and the skirt rucks itself by increments until it reaches mid thigh and is held in place by the pumping of your legs as you dash across the lawn. Skirts are great when you're not sure of the weather, because they breath better than pants, but are still a whole lot warmer than shorts. I like how forgiving they are, you can gain or loose a good 10-15 pounds and you'll never notice in a skirt and, as a kid, you could grow quite a few inches before a skirt was too short. The Scotts got it right. Skirts for everyone!