654: Snipping Time

I went swimming with a few other mom friends and a collection of 8 children between us. It was the best swim I'd had all year. This was because I let the other mom's watch my son adventure on the sand while I got to go in the relatively deep part of the pond with the 4 year old. No, I didn't talk to the other grown ups at all, just the little girl, but it was a most excellent conversation. We discussed how one could traverse the whole pond. Swimming clearly wasn't an option, since she couldn't swim and I wouldn't do it without some sort of aid in case I got tired. Being a giant would work as the giant could walk across the pond. The best option we came up with was borrowing the neighbor's raft. Being 4, she was all for just taking it, not understanding the morality of other people's property or why it'd be audacious to knock on their door and ask to borrow it, which to me just made the conversation more fun. I am so looking forward to my child and future sibling being able to talk!