611: White Girl

I have, and I suspect, always will consider calling someone "white" an insult. It's the sort of label people only use when referring to a group outside of their own. It doesn't even refer necessarily to appearances. I went to a Native American wedding once, where people were making cracks about the White guests, despite the fact that while culturally distinct, everyone had a serious amount of European in their DNA. I remember meeting a lady off of OKCupid (looking for friends, not dates), where she wanted to know why I had put mixed for race and when I listed off all the countries my ancestors had come from: Russia, Mongolia, Albania, Lithuania, Latvia, random parts of the Middle East etc. she looked at me and said "Oh, so you're basically you're White." Her ancestors mainly hailed from Africa by way of horrendous enslaving monsters in the Caribbean and United States. The only quasi positive use of the word "white people"  I can think of is white supremecy groups and talking about white priviledge, both of which are really viewed in a larger negative context anyway, since no one aside from themselves likes supremists and generally white priviledge is used in a context about how these people should feel guilty for having it.