610: Comically Bovine

For the longest time I didn't think I liked soup. In general I even mistrusted soup, but that's because the only time I had food poisoning in Asia was for soup. I'm pretty sure it's the problem of most foods are cooked fresh, whereas a pot of soup can just sit in the restaurant kitchen for hours being served up one ladle for at a time. Plus I find sodden meat and vegetables unappetizing. Anyway, we got a fancy immersion blender last year, the sort you stick right in the pot and it obliterates everything, and now I actually like soup. When the ingredients have been minced into a thick and creamy puree, it becomes a much more exciting and pleasant eating experience, in my opinion. Hangover Soup (a super garlicky tomato variety), orange carrot soup, duck soup, etc. have become a part of the regular meal rotation. As an added bonus, the leftovers freeze well, so three souperrific meals for the energy cost of one!