627: Share the Wealth

So when I first created this comic, I decided it was going to post 5 days a week. Why? Because the only comics I followed posted five days a week. I didn't have anyway to follow them aside from checking back on the page, so any strip that updated less than that, was too hard to remember to keep up with. For the longest time, I considered 5 days a week to be the gold standard for an update schedule. However, since then I've gotten Twitter, learned about mailing lists and even have an actual RSS reader, this has allowed me to follow comics with all sorts of update schedules and revise my opinion. For example, The Non-Adventures of Wonderella and Breaking Cat News are both great examples of excellent once a week comics. They have wonderful meaty updates with lots of panels and long complex jokes. You couldn't break them down into smaller strips and get the same punch, even though 1 update probably contains nearly as much content as 5 of mine! Then there are comics that work no matter how many or few times they update like Oglaf (very adult humor), or Momcomic. Since there really isn's a consecutive plot, there's nothing to remember from last time, you just get your dose of fun when it posts. While comics that post 5 days weekly with long running consecutive plots broken by daily jokes like Questionable Content and Something Positive  are still nearest and dearest to my heart, I can now say that there are a whole lot of different ways to give a cat a summer haircut!