626: Excess

This is a reference to Killer Bunnies, by the way. That game can become death by expansion. Killer Bunnies is probably the only American style game I ever really got into. Partially this is because my sisters taught it to me and I later found out totally mangled the rules. That said, the Silverman Sisters In House Version is a lot of fun, I consider it to be much more fun than the game is actually supposed to be played. Sadly, you really need at least 3 people for a good game and my siblings stopped wanting to play with me when I visited and my husband never really got into it and, well, neither cat made a very good third player anyway. Though, in truth, it's not that sad as I've since been introduced to a myriad of truly wonderful games, even when you play with the intended rules! Our game shelving unit has Dominion, Inca Gold, Alhambra, Can't Stop, San Juan, Glory to Rome, Prolix and many other wonderful games.