622: Going Out

So lately I've been taking some very long walks. I generally like walking, though in this case they are obligatory strolls as the baby needs down time and riding around in his carriage seems to be the only state he's content to be awake and not squirming about in. As a result, the walks feel forced and get tedious. So I've discovered podcasts. My husband listens to tons of them at 3X speed on a variety of topics. I've settled for 1.5X speed and am listening to The Moth, Sparks London and Sawbones. The Moth is probably my favorite, but they don't save a lot of past episodes and new ones come out a lot less frequently than my twice daily hour long walks. Sawbones, on the other hand, has two years of backlogged episodes and one can never know too much crazy trivia about the history of medicine. So far my favorite episodes have been the Guinea Worms and The Plague.