620: Odiferous Kitty

My son has a tan. It wasn't intentional. I don't take him out in the sun that much, but he's getting big enough the bonnet on his stroller doesn't cover his legs all the way and I do take him for short swims in the pond several times a week. I'm pretty tan too, mainly because I don't have a parasol when I go for 20 minute walks a few times a day. I'm not a fan of tanning beds and I'm not sneering at the idea of skin cancer, but I have to think like everything else, that sun in moderation, getting a light tan, isn't so bad for you. I know that I've been surprising doctors for years for being not deficient in vitamin D. I think that there's this assumption that one really doesn't get  tan without getting burnt first and if you're from really Northern climes that's probably true, but certainly not for everyone.