619: Mercurial

So I got $3 tiger lilies at Home Depot. In general, I haven't had luck with lilies. The last set I bought got devoured by squirrels almost as soon as I put the bulbs in the ground. The house came with a couple patches of lilies, orange and white respectively, which have done OK, but I didn't plan to buy more. But these were so cheap and tiger lilies are particularly cool. Anyway, planted lilies and then pretty quickly got lily beetles. My friend who is a superb gardner advised me that I should kill them. However I'm just not big on killing. Instead I picked them off and threw them into the woods. They, of course, came back. So I looked them up on the internet to understand them better. It seems they came to the U.S. in the 40's, not sure when the lilies came over, but they are also non-native. The beetles only eat the lilies, so it's a pretty insular little ecosystem. In the end, I've decided as long as the beetles don't destroy all the lilies, I'm OK sharing. Yes, my lilies are mostly denuded of leaves and some of the petals are looking tattered, but I've gotten over four beautiful blooms so far and I just can't justify killing the pretty red beetles. Hey, at least I don't save bugs from spider webs like my dad!