593: A Place For Everyone

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I remember when I was living in China I got really self conscious come spring. I didn't know where to get my legs waxed and I was concerned that I was going to be teased about having hairy legs. I didn't find a place eventually (they used magazine sheets instead of linen, ow!), but as it turned out my concerns were unfounded, because everyone was too busy teasing me about the hair on my arms! Likewise I had many concerns about making new friends and would they judge me on the size or condition of my house. As it turns out, the biggest social problem turned out to be that it's too clean. We have our robotic mop, our robotic vacuum cleaner, a dishwasher and two neatnicks in the house, not to mention I use cleaning as a coping mechanism. When life is chaotic I clean. It's all about the control. So anyway, I've now twice has new friends almost refuse to let me come over, because they don't run a tight ship and are concerned that I'd judge them. Anyone who judges someone poorly for having a messy house with multiple children under the age of three is pretty petty in my book. At any rate, it's funny how the things one worries about are rarely what turns out to be the problem.