605: Type

In general I'm pretty neutral about being an American. It's the country both sides of my family chose to emigrate to some time in the beginning of the last century. It's where I've grown up. It's where my friends and almost all of my surviving extended family live. It has its good and bad points, but overall is a decent place to live. This week I'm actually proud to be American. In the course of a week, the Confederate flag has been pulled from many big retailers' stores, California passed a law mandating vaccines for every child, the Supreme court upheld Obama Care and most importantly, it has been ruled that states can no longer discriminate against same sex couples, that they will receive the same tax breaks, health care rights, inheritance perks and other benefits of making a lifelong commitment as the rest of us, truly upholding the right of everyone to pursue happiness.  I don't think we're the best country on the planet, but I'm really proud of the steps forward we've made this week and I'd like to say we're a pretty good one. May this be the herald of a new era of greater tolerance and acceptance.