604: Beauty Standards

I'm working on watching my 4th Taiwanese soap opera on Hulu. So far I've sampled Office Girls, Skip Beat, PS Man and Zhong Wu Yen. The last is definitely my favorite. Like Office Girls and PS Man it features a love triangle between the protagonist and two very rich men, like Office Girls she doesn't realize that the one I suspect she'll end up with is rich and also like Office Girls he is impressively immature. What makes it cool is that while in Office Girls she's supposed to look ordinary and in PS Man she's a bad dresser, in Zhong Wu Yen she is supposed to be genuinely ugly with a huge florescent pink birth mark covering most of one side of her face. Also, Mr. Rich and immature in this story has the excuse of having been emotionally stunted by the loss of his mother when he was ten and has as many endearing qualities of being childish, like brutally honest and earnest, as he does the bad ones. It also has a much better balance of interesting plot and budding romance. Plus, the protagonist and love interest deliver a baby goat together. A baby goat! What more could you want from a hammy drama?