602: Ocean Always Wins

I have piles and piles of Ivy content. Maybe not as many as Mere and Sam stories, but as I started to script this, I kept thinking of other funny stories I wanted to share. Ivy is based on my elder sister's best friend and roommate from college. That means she's been a family friend since 1997 and while she doesn't visit us that often, we always have a great time. When I was a senior in college, she, my older sister and I all visited my parents in Puerto Rico for 10 days in March. Spencer and the sea stories are taken from the Thanksgiving when I was dating my now husband. I keep trying to convince her that she wants to leave the Canadian boarder of New York and move to the South Shore. After all, as a tech developer it's a great place to be AND we have tons and tons of horse farms for her Keleigh.