601: King of the Beach

Phew! Finally cracked the code on getting my son to sleep through the night, or at least only wake twice. A lot babies at this age will actually sleep the whole night through without waking. Mine is not one of them. I actually have a friend who writes a webcomic (how we met), who had the same due date as me (though I was 2 weeks early and she a few days late), who also had a son and is having the same issue. Her comic last week was about it. Anyway, I was convinced that it was because I wasn't feeding him enough solids and was trying my darndest to get him to eat more in hopes that I'd actually get rest at night. However, what it turned out to be was exhausting him thoroughly. Through process of elimination I figured it out going through what was different when we visited my in-laws. It's very exciting. Of course, this means that I have to work hard every day to find activities or playdates appropriate for an 8 month old in order to make sure that he's totally worn out by the end of the day. I'm starting to make a map of all the indoor playgrounds (outdoor playgrounds don't work when you can't walk yet) and pretty much anyone I meet with a baby who can crawl, I'm asking for their contact info to set up playdates. Incidentally, it seems that carrying around a tiny human is like an instant badge of honor. Everyone trusts you when you tote around a baby! I mean, not that I'm not trustworthy, but I'm not used to people just giving me their home addresses on a first meeting.