575: Temaki

We didn't really do much for Mother's day last Sunday, just had a nice lazy day. We did this pretty much, because I didn't feel like I needed to celebrate it. I feel every day like I'm appreciated for the role I play in our family. Right now I am practically my son's entire universe and lifeline. My body creates 90% of his food and almost 100% of his nutrition. I change his diapers and clothes, wash him, sooth him, play with him and spend countless amounts of time dancing him into dreamland. He thanks me with smiles and giggles, with cooing and crawling after me, with grabbing my skirt as I pass by his walker or calling for me when he needs comfort. My husband equally is always bringing me home treats from Boston, telling me he loves me and appreciates what I do and takes care of me as much as I take care of him and the baby. Birthdays are enough for me. I don't need more than one day of gifts, pampering and the world revolving around me.