588: New Acquisition

So there was a fox in the yard on Sunday. I was taking the boy for a walk when I heard the most horrible high pitched noises coming from the direction of my house. I did a wheelie with the stroller and dashed back over there. What I saw was a gorgeous red fox in my driveway staring into the poison ivy ravine. I did my best kendo yell, "HEY!" The fox looked up. "YOU!" It looked startled and slightly confused. "OUT!" The fox hightailed it to the path I raked through the woods. I'm not sure if me or the baby's wailing scared it, but it decided we weren't worth messing with. I then called to the cats. The ginger had been on the porch and the silver popped up out of the ivy pit. Now admittedly, being half the size of the fox, I don't think the critter would have attacked my gray tabby thug, but I felt like I'd defended my territory all the same.