561: Ice Queen Issis

I remember when my parents bought their summer house Dad became Conan the Barbarian, denuding our yard of any poor plant that had the misfortune to be categorized as "weed". He hacked down half the sumac, before deciding that it actually looked pretty nice. Decades later, I will say that the yard there is now gorgeous, festooned with flower bed after flower bed, so sacrificing some brambles was worth it. Anyway, almost a year into owning my first house and I seem to be catching the Conan bug. I spent this morning digging up what I thought were Yucca, but according to the tag I unearthed something else that for all I know is just the fancy Yucca and chucking them in the bushes. I restrained myself, since they didn't have the monstrous tap roots I feared, and left in three to see if now that the giant oak that was shading them is gone if they will get the giant white blossoms the excavated tag claim. Let's all admit it, destruction can be fun.