559.5 Malnourished Date

People who wax poetic about new borns and sigh about how it will go by so fas fascinate me. For one thing the oft heard warning that as soon as they can talk, they will talk back, seems funny to me. As far as I'm concerned, my son is already talking back. Sure he has no words yet, but he starts wailing every time I buckle him in his car seat. Maybe it's not a clever string of words, but he's clearly lodging a formal complaint. The other thing is while there are many precious moments in watching a baby develop, there is also plenty of stuff of which I am glad did not last long, like thinking 1 AM was a good bed time….or being awake, but lacking the motor control to play with toys, so any attempted play would dissolve into wails of frustration…or needing diapers changed every couple of hours….no, I am enjoying every moment, but I am glad that babies grow and change so quickly. I have cats, I don't need an infant; I look forward to him growing into being rambunctious little child with whom I can go on adventures..