559: A Real Keeper

I love leavened food. Over the years we've kept kosher to Passover to varying degrees. In college, it was wicked strict, because we had to follow the most devout members' rules and I pretty much lived off of cottage cheese and weird kosher brand snacks, which was still way better than dorm food. In high school one year Mom said we couldn't go out for pizza, because it was passover, and then served chicken stuffed with ham and cheese and a loaf of French bread. My older sister was the only one who really followed it. Now my husband keeps me on the path a lot better and last year it was easy, because we're much more of a rice than bread household. However this year we'd gotten in the habit of making a fresh loaf every weekend, keeping frozen pizza in the house for quick meals and I eat peanut butter on toast for a lot of lunches. It wasn't arduous, but it was much truer to the intent of the privation than in years past where it was pretty much opting out of going to the bakery for cupcakes. Now that the holiday is over, I have a long list of leavened recipes that I can't wait to try out this week, not to mention convincing my sweet heart to stop at one of the cookie trucks on his way home from work in Boston!