556 and 557: Forgiveness

Sorry for being a bit flakey last week. The away message I had for Friday failed to post and then on Sunday the Happy Tail I'd prepped was late. Yes, I know I said it was on hiatus, but I needed to do Tyrone's epilogue. Plus I got a really great story for the following week from an old timer I met at a local gift shop. Anyway, I held my first seder ever, which my friends who attended with their own small children told me was a truly amazing undertaking for someone with an infant in the house. Personally I'm still in shock that I pulled it off. However it was extremely satisfying and I hope it will be the first of many.

About the above comic…I'm really glad this arc was over. I don't actually like writing about dead cats, but it happened and I feel it's an important part of the overreaching narrative. The shelter owner didn't actually try to make me feel better for putting Hope down without me saying goodbye and I never confronted her about it, but this is how I wish it happened.