552: Territories

So usually I take off two days for Passover. This year the first two days happen to be a weekend, however, I'm switching my work observance to the last two days. Why? Because I bought a house!! My mother has long said that she's done holding a seder for the 30 and ready to pass it on. When we were kids, we always figured my older sister would take on the mantel, however as we got older and it became clear my older sister was aesexual, my father explained that the chances of her buying a house big enough to hold a big seder were pretty much non-existant, so I got used to the idea that it'd have to me. Then last year, my sisters bought a house together, which was both shocking and wonderful and meant that they do have a room big enough for a large gathering! But I'd been psyching myself up for so long that I really wanted to do one too. So this year the beginning seder is my elder sister's show and I'm holding one on the last night. It works out as mine is going to little kid oriented between my son and the guests I'm inviting all having children under the age of five!