522: Reality

In the evenings we've been watching a lot of light TV. We had practically a Parks & Recreation marathon, which has now been replaced by Community. The show really won me over with their season 1 Christmas episode. In general I hate Christmas episodes, they're sappy, rely heavily on the audience's nostalgia for the holiday and, no matter how likely, the whole cast magically becomes devoutly Christian for it. In Community, it starts off with a character saying she wants to have Christmas party and asking her whole study group if they'd like to celebrate Jesus' birth with her. The young lady to her right instantly agrees, with the caveat that she's Jewish and she'd like to bring some Chanukah stuff. Then the next character professes to be Muslim, the one next to him a Jehovah's Witness, then an atheist, agnostic and the last character has accidentally joined a neb-buddhist cult without realizing it. I loved it, even just the simple acknowledgement that not everyone celebrates Christmas the same way.